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It is dreadful, but we had to say goodbye to summer 2015. The fall season has some perks too! It is the best time to experiment with your wardrobe, try new looks and styles in the makeup department. Now, that it is getting a little bit chilly, you would not have to worry about foundation, eyeshadow and mascara travelling all over your face due to an unbearable heat, but come up with fresh ideas, try new products. We are listing 10 upcoming makeup trends that you should try, straight from the runways in New York, Paris, Milan and London.

1. Bold berry Lips

We saw it coming. Raspberry, blackberry, wild cherry colors took over common scarlet, pink and rosy tones. You will hardly spot classic soft red lips on the runway this season. Even blush is already becoming sightly berry-tinted. Moreover, it is trendy to have smooth, whole-colored makeup. Here is a good news: you would not have to invest in both lipstick and blush! Just buy one that would be useful for multiple purposes. Models at Alexander McQueen and Marc Jacobs shows were given a berry ombre lip look. It appeared as if blood was about to spill from the corners of their mouthes by dint of the lipstick applying technique. Yikes! But you can consider such spooky, yet vampy look for Halloween. Also, there are plenty of YouTube tutorials on how to make ombre lips. Just look them up!

2. Fake tattoos

We have been loving the popular flash tattoos throughout the warm season. The unspoken rule was to get a decent amount of the temporary body accessories for a relaxing vacation somewhere by the ocean. Those came in gold and silver, matching practically every single summer outfit. Guess what? They are not going anywhere, just changing up for the fall season! We saw the fake tattoos in black on faces and fingers of models, looking very real. Check out these ones from Giamba fashion show. The adhesive statement accessories might steal the show in the upcoming season as precipitously as in the previous one.

3. Natural toned smokey eye

This timeless and sexy type of makeup is always in style, every year, regardless of any trends. The next fall/winter season is not an exception. Though, there is a little twist to the classic inflaming look. Subdued brownish tons and well-defined eye lashes are omnipresent on the top runways all around the world. The low-key smokey eye was presented by Burberry Prorsum, Diane von Furstenberg. Smudged lids are easily adjustable and will add up to any look and style, especially bohemian inspired outfit. Keeping your smouldering eye game strong, leave your hair natural or go with a very simple hairstyle, like a messy bun or delicate soft curls. Nude lip trend would be a perfect addition to the earthy, natural look.

4. Freckles

The ultimate fall/winter 2015-2016 inartificial look suggests that the trendsetter has to look like she has just rolled out of bed. Imagine that she is running late for a meeting, having no time for any makeup and looking as effortless as possible. So if you have ever tried to conceal your beautiful natural freckles, it is about time for you to realize that it was a huge mistake. Freckles rule! And for those, who are not blessed with this cheeky and cute feature, Topshop came up with a brilliant makeup tool one for all skin tones – a freckle pencil. As a part of the 'no makeup' look, fake freckles, rosy cheeks feel fresh and make you look like you have spend your whole life in the healthiest environment.

5. Glossy Eyelids

Racy, bright metallic strips on the eye lids remind of colorful aluminium foil. They are supposed to be the only highlight on your face. Greenish, blueish and yellowish tones will brighten up any eye color and make it an exuding feature on your face. Even though this might be the brightest and the most festive trend for the fall/winter time, designers and makeup artists encourage us to stick to muted and neutral colors for the rest of the makeup. All in all, you should either emphasize the eyes or the lips. Kendall Jenner is serving the glossy beauty look from Versace fashion show. Her brows are well-defined and the lips are accentuated with a nude lipliner.

6. The 60's

Everyone is aware that the 1970's have been the biggest trend through the year of 2015. But still, 60's and 90's have influenced the fashion world and beauty tendencies. That era brought up the Twiggy eye makeup again. Long, precisely drawn lumpy bottom lashes provide that innocent retro baby doll look, supported by the hairstyle. Eye-shadow is almost invisible, though the bright lipstick draws attention to the makeup. Eyebrows look pretty natural and skin has a porcelain glare. Ideal example of the clear 60's inspired makeup was spotted at Blugirl.

7. All along the waterline

Slightly smudged on the bottom line, but well-defined, carbon black eyeliner will totally make your eye color pop, better than any other makeup technique. The contrast between the black waterline, white of the eye and the actual color will create a marvelous outstanding combination. Play around with the shape; draw a tiny wing, or smudge it to create a reverse smokey eye. Victoria Beckham and Roberto Cavalli beauty looks feature this type of makeup.

8. Rock and roll chic

Dusty eyes, bare face and wet slicked hair. Seems like the rocker girl does not care about her appearance at all, though she manages to look fresh and put-together like gorgeous models from Alexander Wang show during New York fashion week. They were giving us the languishing look with the help of a thin coat of pale gray eyeshadow and neatly filled in brows. Pale skin and nude lips also helped to create the carelessly sexy impression. Moreover, their messy hairstyles make us think that they were caught in the rain. Still fabulous!

9. Barefaced beauty (minimal makeup)

Probably the most popular and widely-used makeup trend. Natural beauty is, obviously, better than overloading your skin with tons of cosmetics. But emphasizing your stunning features and drawing attention to some parts of the face is the right use for makeup. A lot of high-end brands decided to go with 'no makeup effect' for their f/w fashion shows. Balmain, Gucci and Prada models walked down the runway absolutely looking innocent and natural. Do not be afraid to rock this makeup trend. Just take proper care of your skin, nourish it and eat well.

10. Boyish unplucked eyebrows

On every runway we have seen thick, dark eyebrows. Some models wear luscious unplucked brows, that do not necessarily look feminine, but add the au naturel tomboy attitude to the makeup look. Straight ones like we saw at Marc Jacobs look edgy and fierce on pale, matte skin. Thick and curvy filled in eyebrows look more feminine and delicate on tanned glowing skin. Dolce & Gabbana showed some of the best earthy beauty looks.

Eventually, motto of the fall-winter season is: do not be afraid of color, but keep it natural. Anyway, if you feel fierce rocking chic berry lips – do it, or if you love yourself with barely any make up on, than you go girl! Trust your sense of style using these makeup hints and ideas.

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