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The spooky scary holiday is right around the corner. By now, you should have already carved your pumpkins into jack-o'-lanterns and bought three barrels of candy. If you have been procrastinating or simply have no clue on what to be for the All Saints' Eve, we've got you covered the coolest makeup ideas and tutorials for you. Use your makeup skills to impress or scare the life out of your friends at a themed party, and we will show how to do it! Get ready for 10 Halloween transformation tutorials.

10 easy Halloween makeup ideas & tutorials

1. Snapchat update (Rainbow makeup tutorial)

We are still not over the new snapchat update, actually, nobody is! This easy makeup idea is perfect for a last minute costume. You do not need much to recreate it: white eyeliner to make your eyes stand out and look cartoony, blush to get those fiery pink cheeks, and face paint to draw the actual rainbow, running and sparkling straight out of your mouth!

Easy Snapchat Rainbow Halloween Makeup Tutorial! Here is a tutorial from YouTube user GettingPretty :

2. Eyeliner cuts

Ugh, the eyeliner problem... Sometimes it is so irritating to do over the uneven line, that it feels like your skin can't take it any more. This makeup idea is perfect for you, if you have decided to be classy and a little spooky at the same time. Draw the bloody cut under the eye-liner with the help of YouTuber Georgia Rose :

3. Comic Book Makeup

Defined features and artsy approach. Become a real pop art painter with your own face as a canvas. Experiment with this style: it is possible to go all polka dots, just like a character from Andy Warhol's creations. Or simply thick black lines as contouring. Claire Dim and Madeyewlook from YouTube showed several examples of pop art inspired makeup look.

Pop Art/Comic Book Makeup Tutorial video

Comic Book Makeup

4. Stitched Mouth Makeup Tutorial

Terrifying, right? This look is the one to make your pals have nightmares after they see you! Well, it might be a little hard to talk with threads glued all over your mouth and a fake plastic needle, hanging on the side, but it looks great on pictures. And the stitched mouth makeup tutorial is totally worth recreating; it is fast and easy. Just add some red face paint to the spurious “holes" and you're good to go! YouTube video from Promise Phan

Stitched Mouth Tutorial video

5. Emoji Makeup

Easy breezy! Grab your face paint and some basic products from your makeup bag, like blush, eyeliner, and lipstick. You are free to experiment. Pick your favorite emoji and follow the steps, suggested by YouTuber Madeyewlook. Winky face, smiley face, “I'm dead" expression, and others are all in one video. Apply yellow face paint on your face, line it up with a darker shade, add highlights and get creative. How about making a naughty purple devil emoji or a cute alien emoji?

DIY Emoji Costume/Makeup Tutorial (CC) video

6. Melted Barbie Look

Now, that you are not able to surprise anyone with a classic Barbie doll look, why not show, that life in plastic isn't that fantastic! It melts easily. The scary version of a perfect melting doll is here. For this tutorial you will need milk and gelatin. Start off with cute pinkish base and then proceed to a not so complicated step with gelatin and milk (watch the instructions in the video) and apply it carefully to your face. Most importantly, put a cotton ball on the eye that you are going to cover in gelatin (or avoid the “melted plastic" in the eye area)! Splash some paint and find a blonde wig.

Melting Barbie Halloween makeup tutorial video

7. Trippy Double Vision

Warning, this makeup might give you a head ache! Use your best drawing skills to recreate this tutorial. Do your normal makeup and try to copy your features: place eyebrows on the apples of your cheeks and eyes below them. Repeat the eye makeup again and put on some false lashes to make it look real. Second lips should be placed on your chin. Place a smaller nose between your real eyes. Video from dope2111.

Trippy Double Vision Makeup Look

8. Classic zombie makeup

Zombie makeup is always one of the most classic and appropriate styles for Halloween. Moreover, it is great for both guys and girls. This tutorial from Become Gorgeous com YouTube channel will explain how to make this cracking bloody skin turn out realistic and scary.

Zombie Makeup Tutorial for Halloween video

9. Zipper face

Make sure to prime your face before you start, so the makeup lasts all night. Glue the zipper and proceed with the rest of the look. You can use latex to make the skin look damaged and crumply. When you are done with the foundation step, comes the fun part. Get the fake blood and apply it to the center of the face. Layering it and leaving gross clumps will make it look even more scary and disgusting, but that is the look we are aiming for!

Unzipped Zipper Face SFX Makeup Tutorial | Halloween video

10. Marionette doll

Arched brows, long lashes, fake freckles and bright lips will do the job.

YouTube makeup guru Angela Lanter showed a terrifying example of a quick and easy spooky look. Recreate it and wear a pretty dress with a cute wig that you can get at any Halloween store.

Creepy Doll Halloween Makeup Tutorial video

We have gathered some of the best Halloween makeup ideas in one place. Now it is up to you to choose your favorite and rock the most horrifying or a witty, funny look at a themed party. Have fun recreating !!

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