20 Makeup Blunders You Are Making Unknowingly

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20 Makeup Blunders You Are Making Unknowingly
20 Makeup Blunders You Are Making Unknowingly

Putting on makeup is no less than art and women who master it, are noticed wherever they go. It's often an overlooked art that the main reason you should make sure you don't make the following 20 makeup mistakes, which could be stopping you from achieving that perfect look that you desire :

20. Facemask look

The ideal goal when applying makeup is to have a natural look. However; most people make the mistake of leaving it right at the jawline abruptly which makes your foundation seem more like a facemask. Blending the foundation under the chin is mandatory, and you can do this by adding a little moisturizer down the neck before applying the foundation.

19. Using a single shade concealer for your entire face

Take a look at your makeup-free face in the mirror or that of a child. You will notice that natural skin has multiple shades. That is why when you use a single concealer your skin looks heavily made up. The trick is to know what shades go with your skin tone. For most skin tones, concealers in a peach shade would be best for the under eye area while the yellow shade is appropriate for the cheeks.

18. Putting on makeup in too much light

Most women put on makeup under the strong light of their bathrooms. However, when they step out of their bathrooms and appear in a softer light, their makeup looks out of place. One tip to follow to avoid this is by applying makeup in your bedroom where the lighting is softer.

17. Creating fuller eyebrows with a brow pencil

Brow pencils give solid color to eyebrows, which tend to look artificial. For toning down the pencil's color, dab a little eyebrow powder with a brush. It will lend a naturally fuller look.

16. Using black eyeliner only

Eye makeup consisting of only black eyeliner is strictly for women with a dark skin tone. If you consider yourself fair, then along with black always use a brown eyeliner. Use the black one to trace the ¾ part of your upper eyelid. For the bottom eyelid, use the brown eyeliner.

15. Not blending the eyeliner

Strong eyeliner can make your eyes look extra prominent. By blending the eyeliner, you can make your eyes naturally appealing. Blending eyeliner is more important when it comes to the bottom lid. Hence, you should use a pencil eyeliner, which can be blended evenly with a brush.

14. Opting for fake eyelashes

Fake eyelashes actually appear artificial looking because they cover your natural eyelashes completely. Anyone talking to you or looking at your side profile would know you have put on fake eyelashes. It is best to go with mascara, which provides volume to your natural eyelashes.

13. Using waterproof mascara whenever going out

Waterproof mascara stays set in place no matter what, which is why it is so hard to remove it. Your eyelashes go through a bit of abuse when you remove the waterproof mascara. Hence, if you wear it every time you go out, you run the risk of losing your natural eyelashes. So use regular mascara when you are to spend only a few hours outdoors.

12. Using foundation Alone

Foundation's main purpose is only to hide flaws. With just the foundation on your face, it enhances an unnatural look because the skin naturally has several shades. Tip: Use bronzer, highlighter, and blush for adding dimension to your face.

11. Overusing bronzer

Bronzer is not a foundation it is intended to give your skin a sun-kissed charm. Hence, it is a big mistake to apply bronzer everywhere. Tip: Focus on the sides of your face and apply it in the shape of numeral 3, starting from the forehead until the jawbone.

10. Using dirty brushes

Brushes get in touch with powders/liquids containing different ingredients. If not cleaned, they could become breeding grounds for germs. You could even get breakouts because of such unhygienic brushes. Tip: Clean them using baby shampoo and warm water.

9. Wearing lip liner and not blending it in

Lip liner does a great job of keeping your lipstick in place. However, once the lipstick starts to fade, the lip liner becomes prominent. Tip: Blend in the liner inside of the lips and it will resolve this problem.

8. Going for lipstick shades that are just too bright

If it is your passion to put on heavy lip makeup, you should make sure that your other features receive the same attention. Otherwise, your lips may stand out awkwardly. Tip: Remember this rule of thumb is that bright lipstick colors look much better under bright lights.

7. Using primer and foundation with different bases

For achieving the perfectly smooth and even-toned skin, you should choose a primer that has the same base as your foundation. Meaning, if your foundation is silicone based, you should use a silicone-based primer with it.

6. Refusing to throw away expired makeup products

You may still think that your old mascara works well, but it could be the reason that you are not getting the desired effect from your makeup. When you get liquids in a clumped-up form and powders become rough, it's time they went into the garbage bin. Besides, expired/old makeup items can cause skin irritation.

5. Using excess powder

Powdering is for keeping your skin dry and refreshed. A mild application of the translucent powder will give you a natural glow. Tip: When you need a touch-up, use the powder on your T-zone first and then apply at other spots only if needed.

4. Wearing excess perfume

Too much perfume is a turn off because it is annoying and distracting. Apply perfume sparsely so that it is more like a breeze. You could also go for a body mist, which is less concentrated than most perfumes.

3. Using dry shampoo the wrong way

It is a bad idea to brush your hair right after applying dry shampoo. The shampoo is supposed to absorb excess scalp oil and dirt, so you need to give it sometime. Moreover, an interval between usages of dry shampoo should be of more than two days, as the chemicals can damage the texture of your hair.

2. Washing your face too often

Many women complain of getting flaky skin after applying foundation. It could be because you wash your face more often than needed. Excessive washing drains natural oil, which is essential for keeping the skin supple. Tip: Wash your face no more than 2-3 times a day with just water or baby soap.

1. Using eye shadow with shimmer for oily skin

Products with shimmer are a strict no-no for women with oily skin. Although they are more attractive than matte products, they will only highlight the oiliness of your skin. Tip: Go for matte eyeshadow for upper eyelid makeup. If you do like shimmer eye shadows, you could use one for under eye makeup.

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